Action consensus

Dear future participant in Code Red,…Welcome. Please read this action consensus carefully. This action consensus is a binding framework for the first Belgian Code Red action. This framework should ensure that the action is transparent and that it is clearto everyone why and how we will take action. The consensus should make it clear that we will also look after and support each other during the action. This text is inspired by the action consensus models developed by Ende Gelände in Germany and Code Rood in the Netherlands. Anyone who agrees with this agreement is welcome to join the action.

1. Code Red 2022

On the weekend of 8-9 October, we are planning, together with a large group of people, to disrupt the oil infrastructure of the TOTALEnergies group through civil disobedience actions. In view of the growing social and climate injustices, the perpetuation of colonial exploitation and the lack of measures to address the issues at stake, we consider it legitimate, necessary and urgent to move from simple public protest to civil disobedience.

2. Our forms of action

By deliberately breaking the laws, we are part of a long history of social struggles, where legitimate resistance opposes the power of corporations that put shareholder profit before people and life.

Our forms of action are publicly announced blockades of fossil fuel infrastructures. We will not endanger anyone, respect the physical integrity of every person and inform about the safety rules in the area of action that are linked to the presence of fossil fuels. We will remain calm, assertive and look out for each other. We are resolute not to stop on the way. We will pass through or around police or security barriers. Although TotalEnergies and the fossil fuel infrastructure deserve to be dismantled, we will not seek to damage or destroy any equipment or infrastructure in the course of this action.

Our action is not directed against the workers in the sector, who depend on their jobs for an income. We stand in solidarity with their social demands and call for a real transition plan for the workers concerned. We are fighting to ensure that, during the necessary transition, there are opportunities for gainful employment for all and a better distribution of wealth, in an economy that respects people and the planet. Now and in the future.

3. Capacities and ends of action

Our action will strive to reflect our values of diversity, creativity and openness. We strive to offer broad opportunities for participation, with different levels of engagement that allow as many people as possible to join us. The trainings for the action will ensure that we are well prepared for blockades and on how to safely reach the action sites. We will decide on the duration of the blockade action together and on the spot, in close consultation with the structures of support. After the action there will be moments to share our experiences with each other. We commit ourselves to solidarity in case of legal or financial consequences.

4. Solidarity and struggles against dominance

We come from different social and political backgrounds and take common responsibilities for the success of the action. We see ourselves as part of the movement for social and climate justice and stand in solidarity with all those who are fighting against climate destruction, against the social and ecological consequences of fossil capitalism and neo-colonialism. We fight against all forms of domination, including the social, gender and racist ones. We are aware that we are not immune to these and so we will try not to reproduce the patterns we fight against, both in our actions and within our respective organisations. As a movement, we commit ourselves to continue learning, reflecting and being open to criticism as a way of learning and improving.

5. Autonomous actions

We believe that social change comes from a wide range of combined tactics, from mass demonstrations to surprise actions prepared by smaller groups. On 8-9 October we will be carrying out a pre-announced civil disobedience action. If groups want to enrich the weekend with their own action to express their demands for more social and climate justice, we welcome it. We ask them to choose the place, time and form of their action, taking into account the consensus of the Code Red action, its principles and its participants.

If these small groups wish to be supported, the Code Red and support structures will decide, according to their capacities and in close exchange with the groups, if and how they can help.

People and planet, not profit!