Communication to Total’s employees

We need to move away from fossil fuels today, accelerate the transition to renewable energy and collectively reduce our energy consumption. In doing so, we need to focus mainly on the biggest polluters. And massive public investment is also needed in public transport infrastructure, building insulation and renewable energy.

But this transition cannot happen without fossil fuel workers and unions. TotalEnergies has known for decades that its activities are killing the climate. But it is not doing much about it. The desire to delay the sector’s transition for as long as possible and the pursuit of short-term profits comes at the expense of workers and their job security. That is why we demand large-scale industrial conversion plans with guaranteed earnings for workers, enabling new jobs in a low-carbon economy. This is only possible with the active participation of workers and trade unions in the sector concerned. They have not only the technical knowledge but also the capacity to build a real counterforce against these multinationals.

Code Red will support the struggle of workers and trade unions. We call on all workers to mobilise against TotalEnergies’ fatal policies and strengthen dialogue with climate activists. We believe that a liveable and hopeful future for all is possible by working together!