Safer space

Conditions to build a safer space in Code Rouge/Rood

  • Don’t assume gender
  • Don’t assume ethnicity
  • Don’t ask about origin
  • Consent before entering personal space
  • Be aware of the space and time (speech) you are taking
  • Be aware of emotional labour
  • Be aware of the words you use
  • Speak up if you witness an oppression (act before investigation)
  • Inform yourself about systemic oppression and privileges (list of oppressions)
  • Be aware of your privileges
  • Be aware of other peoples oppression and your complicity within the system
  • Use inclusive language
  • No jokes about oppression
  • Be intersectional (no marathon of oppression in general and no white feminism)
  • Trust the survivor about call outs
  • Be respectful about other peoples cultural habits and practices (meal, pray, etc)
  • Think of accessibility when you put something in place
  • No alcohol or other drugs as mainstream in the camp