About us

In recent years, citizens around the world have taken to the streets en masse to demand ambitious and righteous climate and social policies. Progress is barely visible and profound, systemic change is far from being achieved. Meanwhile, the climate is literally derailing before our eyes and the living conditions of more and more people around the world are deteriorating.

Historically, mass actions of civil disobedience have often had a positive impact on major changes. People chose to resist and break the law to demand profound change. That is exactly what Code Red wants to achieve. Let’s end the era of fossil fuel capitalism and build a sustainable and social just future, together. We need you!

“By deliberately breaking the law, we are part of a long history of social struggle. Where legitimate resistance from citizens challenges the power of corporations that put shareholders and profit above people and nature”
Code Red action consensus

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Extreme weather, floods, soil erosion, rising fuel and energy bills and rising prices for basic necessities. Our dependence on fossil fuels is taking its toll, to say the least. Oil, gas and coal are directly implicated in human rights abuses in the South and fuels numerous conflicts and wars around the world.

The climate, energy, social and economic crisis is driving the working and middle classes into poverty.  The most vulnerable become even poorer because of huge energy bills. Meanwhile, big fossil companies make enormous profits. These multinationals are key players in the history of the current climate crisis. This history is one of land grabbing, persecution and colonialism. For years, they have worked to influence our societies with their poisonous green propaganda and crony capitalism. Their climate-destroying actions are even rewarded by our politicians through financial bonuses and various subsidies. The workers in this sector, who depend on their jobs for income, are kept in the dark about their future.

Time is running out and the challenge is enormous, but a viable future is still possible. That is what we are fighting for. For a society where the big polluters are held accountable for their actions, where everyone has fair access to energy and where citizens and workers are supported to move away from fossil fuels. A society that relies on renewable energy, combats pollution, makes us independent from dubious regimes and creates more peace. A society where the climate transition is not made on the back of the working class and with opportunities for paid work for all. A society with a better distribution of wealth, fundamental rights for all, lower energy bills, a better quality of life and a good future for our children.

Who are we?

Code Red is a civil disobedience movement created by activists and supported by different organisations and action groups: