Affinity groups and buddies

Let’s create affinity groups to take action, because together we stand strong! 

From experience, we know that affinity groups are vital in civil disobedience actions with hundreds of participants. These groups allow us to stick together and look after each other. Code Red will work with this approach. We ask you to find three to seven people to create an affinity group! 

Why affinity groups? 

During the campaign, you and the other members of your affinity group will take care of each other. You’ll discuss how you feel, how long you want to participate, and what to do. You’ll try to return to basecamp together. 

Do you always have to stay together? 

An affinity group is divided into parties of two (or three) that stick together under any circumstance. 

If anything happens to you (injury, detention, etc) your partner will be able to help. The other members of the group can decide to join or continue to protest. 

Who do I choose to join my affinity group? 

Affinity groups often consist of people with similar experiences in civil disobedience campaigns. However, this is not necessarily always the case. It is much more important to share the same perspective on the campaign and to trust each other. How far are you willing to go? How long are you prepared to stay? How do you behave towards others and the police? 

The better you know each other as a group, the easier it will be to make decisions and the more you will enjoy the experience. So take the time to get to know each other and brainstorm possible scenarios before the campaign begins!

How do I find my affinity group? 

Ask around in your social circles: who is taking action with Code Red? How do they stand in the campaign? This will guide you towards your best match!

These training days bring people together who want to take action with Code Red but don’t know who to team up with. You can exchange ideas, desires and fears, and meet the right people to team up with. There is a buddy/affinity session planned in Brussels on the 10 of December. You can register for this meeting here.
We also provide a checklist for affinity groups.